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Speaking Services

Bisi has a unique ability to simplify and demystify information while connecting with her audience. Her speaking sessions reflect her amiable, firm, yet persuasive approach in communication information and ideas which usually results in ‘light bulb moments’ Her sessions are customized and designed around specific and important topics with you in mind. Please use the button below to discuss the details for your event.

Coaching Services

As a certified coach with the John Maxwell Team of international coaches, I am able to bring to bear the experience garnered from working with several unique individuals on our coaching relationship.


Use the button below are to get started on your journey to achieving your desired goal. 



Re - DISCover the ‘YOU’ you thought you knew-

Your uniqueness, communication style, leadership strength,

Motivation and more…



The Maxwell Method of DISC (Personality Assessment & Report) is a critical resource for self-discovery and personal development. A relationship and communication game changer.

With this resource, you will...

  • Recognize your strengths and growth opportunities

  • Gain a higher level of self-awareness

  • Discover your communication style and that of others as well as how to work best with your team/group members

  • Discover your most conducive environments and motivators

  • Create a focused and effective personal development plan

DISC for Kids

‘DISC for Kids’ is the version for children of 8 -12 years.

How would you like to understand what makes your child different from the others and how you can better connect with him/her?

With ‘Disc for Kids’, you will learn about your kid’s strengths, motivations and focus areas where support is required for improvement.

DISCover Your Child Today


'Disc for Kids'

Rediscover and reconnect with your kids.

Empower them with the gift of self-knowledge.

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