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Makeup is part of dressings for most ladies. You are either a light makeup user or a heavy makeup user. Usually, a larger percentage of makeup is applied to the face region to project a desired image, sometimes the transformation to the entirety of an individual can be astonishing.

Today, I will like to talk about a part of us that we must "apply makeup" on. That part of us is our MIND. As you make up your face, you must also make up your mind!

In making up your face, you apply items such as, face primer, foundation, concealer, blusher, powder, lip gloss and several other beauty items but in making up your mind, you don't need all these as your mind is an invisible part of you.

To make up your mind is to overcome indecision. No matter how well made up our faces are, our lives remain ugly until we make up our minds.

Many are still stagnated, stuck and stranded because they failed to make up their minds. I know there are times when we all find ourselves in the web of decision paralysis and the mental exhaustion that comes from dealing with too many choices/ options or struggling between two excellent ones.

This could be a decision on who to marry, what career to pursue, to relocate or not to relocate, to start a business or not, to forgive or not, to invest or not, to write a book or not, to work full time, hybrid or remote? The list is endless. According to Joseph Bikart "Decisions are complex, not necessarily because the choice between two options is complex, but also, and more importantly, because human beings are complex".

Don't leave your mind blank and unmade up. Weigh your options, engage your core values, pray for divine leading, seek counsel where necessary, count your costs, and then, proceed to make up your mind and act on the decision taken. It is important to note that sometimes even face makeup doesn’t exactly turn out as visualized, the trick is to keep tweaking until a desired result emerges. So also, our decisions may not be the best at times, but there is no better way to learn, fail forward and grow.

You can't achieve much in life if you keep 'sitting on the fence'. Make up your mind, not only your face. It is useless to have a made-up face, while the mind is blank, bare, and blind.

Written by

© Bisola Mogaji

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