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Don't Overthink, Just Act- How to Take Actionable Steps

In the part of the globe where I grew up, one of the most common phrases is "Are you given to deep thoughts at all?" (Loosely Translated)

You would hear this as often as you are considered acting out of sync. While this is okay, it could really pose a problem if all you do is think and never act. You see, it's not just ideas that rule the world, but the corresponding implementation (actionable steps).

I dare say that in the world we live in, a woman needs to even do more than her male counterpart when it comes to taking actionable steps towards her dreams. There are many reasons why ladies regardless of age aren't able to pursue their dreams optimally and I would highlight a few of them here.

Obstacles to Taking Actionable Steps

· Overthinking

While thinking things through is great, doing it overly could pose a problem to your growth. As the saying goes, "Too much of everything is bad" and that includes thinking. So, thoughts should be during ideation. Once you have identified what needs to be done, you don't need to figure everything out before stepping out otherwise you stand the risk of getting overwhelmed and ultimately stuck.

· Perfectionism

I have met people who pursue excellence at the expense of growth and progress. They would rather do nothing than produce anything short of the perfect picture they have in their head. It is true that "What is worth doing at all is worth doing well". But there should be a balance because, at a certain stage of your journey, certain things are just not actionable.

· People Pleasing

People are often bothered about what people think till they get cut into the web of subjecting their dreams to the opinions of others. For a woman, it is even more tricky as she craves validation from her husband or the men in her life and loses herself in the process. It is okay to be on the same page with your spouse but you shouldn't get stuck while you are at it.

How to Take Actionable Steps

· Be Realistic

Don't live in Wonderland. There is a difference between the picture in your head and reality. While your dreams are valid, it takes identifying what needs to be done at the different stages of your life for them to be actualized.

· Have a to-do-list

The journey to actualizing your dreams can be both demanding and overwhelming but you must be tactical in your approach. And one way to do that is to identify and document what needs to be done in the order of importance. You should tick each item off your list once it's done. There is a deep sense of satisfaction that accompanies striking out something you aimed to achieve. Be careful not to fall into the trap of constantly carrying over undone ‘to-do’ list items. Let your ‘to-do’ list be daily and highly prioritized.

· Adopt the little-by-little principle

The thought of eating an Elephant at once alone is scary, talkless of doing so. To take steps towards your dreams, you must learn to tackle things in smaller bits. Don't take on every task all at once. One day at a time, one step at a time is one formula for growth that has proven to work over the years. I suggest you adopt it and watch yourself soar to unimaginable heights.

In closing, recognize that being a woman isn't a disadvantage so, you need to step up and start getting things done. You have done plenty of thinking and analysis over the years, and it's enough. Now is the time to step up and take actionable steps towards the actualization of your dreams.

© Bisola Mogaji 2023

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