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Finding You-Steps to Self-Discovery

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Is it just me or is self-discovery a lot more complex in the times that we live in?

If you ask me, I think that most people especially women prefer to be clones of people with perceived success or people they consider to be stronger and influential rather than focus on self-discovery.

Dear woman, self-discovery is the key to personal growth and success. It is the foundation of any sustainable achievement or success. Here are some simple steps to self-discovery and most importantly, to deploy the real you.


Steps to Self-Discovery 


1. Take time to Reflect

We live in a noisy world with information flying around both required and unsolicited. For you to begin your journey toward self-discovery, you must learn to take time off your ‘busyness’ and reflect. Take time to think about the way you think. Why do you believe what you believe? What matters to you the most in life? Ask yourself questions and be honest in your answers. While you may not have all the answers, you will begin to gain new insights about yourself.


2. Identify your personal philosophy (core Values).

Anyone who doesn't stand for something would fall for anything.

What do you stand for? What is your fundamental belief and highest priority that drives your behavior and choices? People and indeed success only gravitate towards a person who lives by a set value.

Refuse to run with a belief system that stampedes your growth as a woman.

Before I rest on this matter, may I remind you that being a woman isn't synonymous with not having a clear sense of direction. Being a woman points to your uniqueness and finding yourself helps you maximize your super-power.


3. Try out new things

From time to time, step out of your comfort zone to explore new things. In the bid to be financially sufficient, we find ourselves totally boxed in our 9-5 jobs and never trying out new things. There is more to your existence than paying bills. Not pursuing those things that give you joy is a recipe for frustration.

Studies have shown that learning new things helps you overcome fear, improve your self-confidence, stimulates your mind and brain, improves your mood, and ultimately helps you know yourself better! Why not pick up your pen and make a list of at least three new things to try out.


4. Welcome Feedback

Seek and accept feedback from others to gain insights about yourself. Everyone has ‘blind spots’ and sometimes we are unaware of how we rub off on others or how our behavior affects others. Embracing feedback gives insight into what can be improved or done differently. Embracing feedback is a crucial part of self-discovery. Note, however, that sometimes feedback may be laced with other people’s sense of insecurity, learn to filter what is important and discard what is not.


5. Connect with your source

There are some information and functionalities that may never be known about a product except when the manufacturer makes it known. So also, there are hidden capabilities that are only revealed when you connect with your source.

For me, I have discovered more about myself on my faith walk than through any other means. So, I ask, how connected are you to your source?


© Bisola Mogaji 2023

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