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One major thing a plant requires to grow, and flourish is water. As you water your plant, it grows. As it grows, some unwanted plants will grow alongside what you planted. Don't just keep watering the plant/ garden without occasionally weeding out the unwanted plants growing alongside. If you only water and fail to weed, the unwanted plants may grow and choke the life out of your plants.

Your life, home, carrier, relationship, business, or assignment are what can be likened to a garden containing various plants. Many of us diligently water this "garden" but at times, we fail to weed the 'garden'. We pour our energy, resources, attention, affection, actions into this garden to ensure it flourishes but we neglect the weeding of those things that are competing with the useful plants in our 'garden'

Watering alone will not suffice. Check your "garden" and get into the habit of weeding off negativity, mediocrity, moral laxity, immaturity, animosity, and any form of negative behavior that might have been unintentionally nurtured. Some of the weeding must be done tenderly so you don’t uproot the good plants with the weeds. Just as there are some relationships you must cut off gently with wisdom and tact, so they hurt you beyond repair. On the other hand, there are times you must weed abruptly, firmly, and quickly. For such, any diplomacy may cause more damage so don't be diplomatic or apologetic. Weed out the 'weeds' before the weeds win over your 'garden' 

It takes knowledge to water your garden appropriately. It however takes wisdom to weed it. 

As we start the last month of the first half of the year, sit back and take stock of what requires watering and what requires weeding.

Thanks for stopping by to read. 

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© Bisola Mogaji









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